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Custom Designed Mirrors

Our Mirrored Glass is custom designed and is ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways and living rooms.

Choose between 4mm or 6mm Mirrored Glass with a range of edge finishes from:

  • bevelled edges to
  • polished edges, with options for
  • a bronze, silver or grey finish.

The value a custom made mirror adds to your home:

  • A full length mirror can maximise the natural light in the room and change the mood of the room.
  • A beautiful mirror behind a chest or display table can help make the room appear more spacious.
  • A wall mirror opposite a window can reflect the outside view making the room seems much larger.
  • A mirrored splashback in the kitchen can make a small kitchen seem larger.

Call us to help you design & tailor the right mirrors for your home or office.